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Alternate row colour in WEBI report table

How to customize the table look. We can able to get alternate colour for table like in excel. If you choose pre-defined format, we will get two colours. We can achieve the same in Webi report also.


We are going to see, how to get the table like below

Table design

As you can see, it used two colour alternatively. We are going to learn, how to get that.

Step 1: Right click on the table and look for “Format table”


Step 2: Go to Appearance section and find alternate colour at the bottom.


This is the place we have to select colour and row frequency.

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Webi Nested Filter

In this post, we are going to learn how to create a nested filter in web intelligence rich client.

Drag and drop the objects into the query filter like below,


You can change the condition to OR by clicking on “AND”.


Now drag the filter over the filter you wish to nest with. Now am dragging the “Kunnr” filter into “Land1″, you will get screen like below,


We got the nested filter. It is nothing but the filter over filter.

As per the requirement, you can change the condition “And” & “Or”.

We can check the Query script viewer to confirm the result.


WEBI–Walkthrough Part 1


One of the tab in WebI report is,

Report Element

  1. Tables
  2. Cell
  3. Section
  4. chart
  5. others
  6. Tools, Position & Linking

Tables – We can create variety of tables

  1. Vertical Table
  2. Horizontal Table
  3. Cross Table
  4. Form

 Cell – We can add 2 types of cell in report

  1. Blank Cell
  2. Pre-Defined Cell


Section – Insert section based on the table values


Chart – Different type of charts




Others – Apart from normal default, we have plenty of other charts also available




Tools, Position & Linking – The other tools under report element will be in disable state till we add any of the figure in reporting area.


Other elements will be discussed, keep visit here.


WEBI Query Properties

By using query properties, we can restrict the records to display in a report. Please check the options in query properties


Max rows retrieved – Maximum number of rows of data that are displayed when a query is run. This is related with Sample Result set. For example, if you give 1000 rows in “Max rows retrieved” then 500 rows in “Sample Result Set” then you will get 500 rows only.

Also it can be restricted based on the administrator security profile.

Sample Result Set – It determine the Maximum number of queries returns. This restriction is applied in database level.

Fixed – At each data refresh, query returns the same rows when Fixed option is marked. If not then on each data refresh, query returns different set of sampled rows

Retrieve duplicate rows – In some cases, in database, the same data may be repeated over many rows. You can restrict those data using this option.



Sorry your session expired. please refresh the page to continue

This is the error message, it will pop up when you opening a office 365 web app documents in sharepoint.


Solution for this issue is very simple,

Check and fix your system Date, Time & Time Zone settings.



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Web Intelligence Rich Client Prompt

In BO, we need to setup a user selection screen for most of the reports where user feed their input and based on the input value report will display the results.

We can get the Prompt option in 2 ways either in IDT or WEBI.

Prompt option in IDT,

We can create prompt (Dynamic filter) by creating filter in Business layer. If you don’t know where to create filter, check it below.



Double click on the filter and go to WHERE area, their you can use @prompt function to achieve the prompt.

@Prompt Function Syntax:

@Prompt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1=”Prompt Message” (This will show while prompting)

2= Prompt Type (A = Character ; N=Number; D=Date; U=Unit)

3=Class Name/Object Name

4=Multi or Mono (Multi = Multiple (2001,2002, 2003); Mono=single (2001))

5=Free / Constrain (Free – Select Value from LOV; Constrain – Select Value)


Example Value : .”VLCVEHICLE”.”MATNR” IN @Prompt(‘Enter Value’,’A’,{‘value1′,’value2′,’value3′},Multi,Constrained)

Prompt option in WEBI

Create a new document based on the source of input (Universe or any other type of source). Drag and drop the object in query filter area and choose the prompt option in the right side option.

You can set the prompt properties there itself.

Check the Query properties, you can check the Prompt function. While adding object in query filter and set as prompt , in backend it will convert into prompt function.

At end of the day both the function is same (IDT & Webi)

We achieved the prompt option, Now run the Query, prompt will come.




Please let me know, if any issues.

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SAP GUI giving option to create very simple report without using ABAP language, this will help people who are all not familiar with ABAP language.

We can’t consider this is only for creating report, because It has lot of information

We can use for,

1. To check the relationship between the selected tables (LIKE database diagram in SQL Server)

2. We can check the field description of the table easily

Step to create view,

Use transaction SQVI


Give any name for the view and click create option


Insert tables into the view and you can see the joins will be added automatically based on the relationship between the tables.


As you can see the options, joins between the tables & field description.

Once added all the tables, click the back option there you can save the view after selecting the fields which required for the report.

Please let me know, if you have any issue.


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We always not prefer to see the duplicate records in report. in some cases the output of the universe may have duplicates.

We can remove the duplicates in WEBI layer. Follow the below steps to remove duplicates.

Go to Query Panel in Webi,


Click the properties and uncheck the “retrieve the duplicate rows”. By default, it is checked


Thanks. Please let me know for any issues.

Find Function Modules in SAP GUI

Use SE37 to find the function Modules in SAP GUI, Check below


Once you entered the function module name, it will lead to next below screen.It will have many features.


MSDTC Service is not Running–SSIS

If you want to use the transaction option in SSIS, then you have to consider about MSDTC. It is nothing but Distributed Transaction Coordinator. It has to be started before you perform the transaction option.

Transaction option – Required, Supported (Default) & Not Supported.

In case, if you are not consider MSDTC whether running or not, you will get an error message while executing the package.

Error: 0xC001401A at Package: The SSIS Runtime has failed to start the distributed transaction due to error 0x8004D01B “The Transaction Manager is not available.”. The DTC transaction failed to start. This could occur because the MSDTC Service is not running.

How to start the MSDTC,

There two ways to start service,

1. Windows + R and type dcomcnfg and go to local DTC click properties. Make sure to setup same as below image.


2. Check the DTC service in services.msc



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